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The Clubhouse - DREAM'RS
CETPA is very proud of its latest program, The Latino Youth
Clubhouse ("Dream'rs").

The Latino Youth Clubhouse Program is designed to provide a
comprehensive and unique set of services for children and families coping
with the isolation, stigma and other challenges of substance use and
co-occurring (substance abuse and mental health) disorders.

The Clubhouse is providing the Latino youth who are receiving counseling
services at CETPA, with support services including:

- Tutoring                                                
- GED preparation
- SAT preparation                                        
- Employment counseling
- Social activities such as outings
- Game room
- Exercise
- Aftercare services and
- Peer support services

Hours of Operation: (Summer Break)
Monday - Friday = 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturdays = Varies based on activity
Sunday = Closed

Contact Information:
Henry Higuita
Director of Dream'rs Clubhouse
6010 Dawson Blvd, Suite B
Norcross, GA 30093
(770) 449-3311 - Direct Line to the Clubhouse
(470)-848-6083 - Direct Line to the Director of the Clubhouse
CETPA's Clubhouse Rules:

1. In order to become a member of the Clubhouse, you must be  participating in one of the treatment
programs offered by CETPA, and must have been evaluated by a counselor at CETPA.
2. All Clubhouse members will be asked to sign the Clubhouse Rules. They will also be asked to provide
emergency contact information -- including the name and phone of the adults who are picking them up
from the Clubhouse or must have a signed permission for someone else to pick them up.

3. All Clubhouse members must sign the attendance sheet by the door as soon as they come in.

4. All Clubhouse members must state their "plan of activities" which should include recreation,
education, and the maintenance support of keeping the Clubhouse clean.

5. All Clubhouse members and the Clubhouse staff should strive for an atmosphere of mutual respect
and harmony in their relationships with each other.

6. To participate in the Clubhouse, all members must attend all of the sessions or groups requested
from the counselors, and must attend any appointment set by the counselor.

7. At the Clubhouse, it is forbidden to use clothing, signs, music, or material of any kind that refers to
gangs, violence, sex, or the use of drugs and alcohol.

8. At the Clubhouse (and in its parking lot), it is forbidden to possess alcohol, drugs, cigarettes,
and/or weapons of any kind (including guns, knives, etc.)

9. The Clubhouse members and staff will respect the Clubhouse and all of the items included within.  
Any damage or stealing will be reported to the police.

10. Any sign of a Clubhouse member not respecting the rules listed above, could lead to
consequences, including, but not limited to temporary or indefinite suspension from the Clubhouse.
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