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Prevention Programs

The purpose of the Atlanta Latino Prevention Project (ALPP) is to prevent and reduce substance abuse, viral hepatitis C and the transmission of HIV/AIDS among at-risk, Latino young adults (ages 18-24) in Metro Atlanta. The ALPP will address behavioral disparities by implementing evidence-based strategies to decrease differences in access, service utilization, and outcomes among Latino young adults.

To that end, the project has five goals. Goal One is to conduct a community needs assessment to determine the magnitude of the problem of substance abuse, HIV, and viral hepatitis among Latino young adults in Metro Atlanta; identify the community’s assets and resources for addressing the problem; identify gaps in services and capacity; and assess the community’s readiness to act to address the problem.

Goal Two is to develop and enhance local capacity and mobilize community resources in order to implement effective programs, practices, and policies to prevent and reduce the onset of Substance Abuse, reduce sexual risk factors to prevent new HIV and viral Hepatitis C infection rates, and decrease HIV transmission among Latino young adults.

Goal Three is to develop a data-driven comprehensive strategic plan resulting from the documented needs assessment.

Goal Four is to select and implement evidence-based prevention interventions strategies targeting Latino young adults in collaboration with community partners who will deliver the services.

Goal Five is to assess the performance of the Atlanta Latino Prevention Project through ongoing monitoring and assessment of project activities.

The project is a collaboration between Georgia State University’s School of Social Work.
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