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Prevention Programs
CETPA’s Prevention Clubhouse

The Clinic for Education, Treatment and Prevention of Addiction, Inc. (CETPA)’s
prevention clubhouse program shall provide programs and services to children
between the ages of 12 – 17 that address the socio-economic ills the
community faces: gang violence, drug and substance abuse, difficulty meeting
academic standards and health-related issues via the Prevention Clubhouse.

Participation is limited to children and youth who are not currently using or
abusing alcohol and/or drugs and have no history of a substance use or abuse
diagnosis and meet one of the following criteria:

1.  Children or youth involved in ongoing detention and/or alternative school
involvement in the past year.
2.  Children or youth whose parent(s) have current addiction issues or have
been treated for addiction.
3.  Children or youth experiencing education or social issues that would make
them at high risk for substance abuse issues.
4.  Children who have siblings currently receiving treatment for substance use

CETPA will provide the following services in the Prevention Clubhouse:

1.  Mentoring- Adults are recruited, trained, and spend a minimum of two hours
each week in one-on-one contact with youth.
2.  Community Service -Youth spend 1 to 2 hours per week performing
community service.
3.  Family Activities- Monthly weekend events are held for youth, their family
members, and mentors.
4.  Education Services- Monitoring of homework completion and tutoring as
needed. For youth, assistance with SAT/GED preparation.
5.  Employment Services- For youth wanting to work part time, skills
assessment and linkages to employment opportunities are provided.
6.  Adult sponsor/leader and youth group to participate in the annual Georgia
Teen Institute.
7.  Provide basic health education by promoting healthy nutritional habits,
exercise and other lifestyle changes to reduce health disparities and contribute
to a drug free life for participants and their families.
8.  Clubhouse Activities- Supported and supervised recreational activities that
include; Sport and game activities, dance activities, arts and crafts, computer
lab, and off-site outings offer opportunities to explore the community and
participate in exciting social activities.

The Clubhouse hours of operation will be tailored to the needs of the
community. However, the hours of operation must be set during non-traditional
hours during the week and on weekends.

CETPA’s clubhouse will provide Case Management to offer a single point of
contact with the program to ensure access, and a coordinated response to
tangible needs such as: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, education, etc.

CETPA’s clubhouse will provide outreach to the community in order to ensure
referrals to program.

CETPA’s clubhouse will provide transportation services for those enrolled in the

CETPA’s clubhouse will deliver prevention services under one or more of the
following CSAP primary prevention strategies:
        Education
        Alternatives
        Environmental
        Information/Dissemination

Outcome Goals:

1.  Participants will increase their level of knowledge regarding the dangers of
tobacco, alcohol, and other drug prevention information.
2.  Participants learn goal-setting, decision making, bonding with others,
identifying and managing emotions and communicating effectively.
3.  Parents will demonstrate an increase in their knowledge concerning
substance abuse prevention and abilities to talk with their children about
alcohol and other drugs.

Prevention Clubhouse
Michelle Baroni, Director
Merchants Square Shopping Cebter
4650 Jimmy Carter Blvd.,
Suite 113
Norcross, GA 30093
Telephone: (678) 646-5959
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